Fireside Chat with Absurdist Productions: A PAX South 2019 Tabletop Finalist.

1/6/2019 • PAXSouthNews

As we countdown the days until PAX South 2019, we decided to sit down with some of the wonderful finalists to get the scoop on what they’re bringing to the TABLE. Today, we sat down with David from Absurdist Productions to learn a little more about them! 

First off, how did you feel being nominated as a PSIS exhibitor? 

“We are extremely excited about being chosen for the Indie Showcase. While we have exhibited at a few small local cons in Oklahoma, and attended a lot of conventions, including every PAX South, this will be our first really big convention as exhibitors. And to be honest I’m not sure the shock has really worn off yet. Just being mention on Penny Arcade and in their social media has already started driving more traffic towards our website and social media.”

What made your game apply to PSIS?

“Churrascaria was actually inspired by our attending the first PAX South back in 2015. I had attended several panels on game design so that was fresh in my mind. Then on the last day of the con our group (of like 8 people I think) decided to celebrate by going out for an expensive dinner. We ended up at Texas de Brazil, and while watching my friends messing around fighting over food, and the waiters constantly coming around with more skewers of meat I decided I should make a game about it all. I blame the scotch I was drinking for such a crazy idea, but it seems to have worked out. And having been inspired by the convention we really wanted to show it off there now that the game actually exists with a successful Kickstarter.”

When was the news first broken to you?

“They let us know the first week of December, and we had to wait about a week and a half before we were allowed to tell the public since they wanted to get confirmations from all the companies selected and make their own announcement. We spent that time scrambling to make sure we had lodging set up at the convention and talking to our fulfillment company to make sure we could get copies in hand so that we could be able to both demo and sell the game at the booth. There are a lot of back-end logistics that had to be worked through and the game just arrived in their warehouse the day after Christmas, so we are cutting things a little close.”

What is your game about?

“Churrascaria: A Cutthroat Game of Gluttony is a game about feasting at a Brazilian style steakhouse. These are restaurants with these huge amazing salad bars, and then the waiters come around with skewers of delicious cuts of meat that have been cooked over an open fire. Everything is delicious and unlimited, but it cost around $50 per person. So if you want to get your monies worth you need to focus on the meat. In the game, you are trying to claim meat cards for points while trying to avoid sides and desserts which cost you points. At the same time, you are using cards to back-stab each other by stealing meat cards, swapping plates, stopping people from eating things they want to each and forcing them to eat things they don’t want to eat. It’s very fast paced and a little crazy.”

What did some of the ‘preparation chaos’ look like in the months and weeks leading to the show?

“For us its been a mad sprint since we really only get a month and a half of prep. We designed and ordered some new banners for the big show. As I mentioned earlier we are doing a lot of communicating with our fulfillment company to make sure we have copies of the game on hand, and then there are little things like having stickers and cards we can handout for people who are interested in not yet ready to buy the game. Finding people willing to help volunteer at the booth and getting them trained up on everything about the game so they can do demos and answer questions. Thankfully, having done a lot of little shows we have an idea of what we need to do to prepare, but PAX South is on an entirely different scale and will be the first convention where we are doing sales, so we are working out the bugs on all of that as well.”

Anything you want to say to the other developers this year?

“I’ve looked over the list of the other games and I’m really looking forward to trying them all out and chat with the designers and publishers. The thing about indie games is that we are all really kind of learning by doing, and its great to meet other people who are going through the same processes and get a feel for what worked for them and what didn’t so that we can use that to improve in how we are doing things. Both from the game design and the game publishing side of things.”

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