The Ultimate Guide to Green Rooms

1/30/2019 • Nathan Sykes

Green Rooms are essential to hosting important folks at your event. Whether you use it for people about to speak, for hosts to refresh themselves during breaks, to receive important people at your show, or for any other VIP-related instance, here’s how to make sure that your Green Room is one of the talks of the show for your speakers.
, The Ultimate Guide to Green Rooms

Now the first and foremost: What is a Green Room? A Green Room is a room specifically for speakers and guests before and after they perform on stage, but at EXPOAid, we combine the Green Room and VIP space into one area.

There are several things to keep in mind when designing your Green Room, as this is the most important thing that your speakers and panelists will see.

General Design

The general design of your Green Room should match the theme and branding of your event. It should not be green just because the word “Green” is in the name.

, The Ultimate Guide to Green Rooms

For example, here is what the Teen Choice Awards did for their VIP tent. The design is heavily inspired by the design of the trophies being handed out that year.

It features ample seating, tables, and lots of custom items. You can see pillows, notebooks, posters, and other high quality items in this show.

When you’re designing, be sure to include lots of seating for any guests the speaker may bring along, as well as tables and places to keep belongings while they’re on stage.


Everybody loves food. Even important speaker people. To make sure that you cover all of your bases, contact the speaker ahead of time and ask about dietary restrictions/preferences. Based on this, put together a list of finger foods and drinks and send it to your caterer. The way that this food is displayed should be arranged to your specific show branding.
, The Ultimate Guide to Green Rooms