Long story short

Hi! We're a full service design agency

You knew that already. It’s all over our website. If you’re here, you want some more information: the nitty gritty. Maybe you’re thinking of working with us and you’re doing your background check to make sure we’re not crazy. In that case, I promise we’re not crazy, you can close out of here.

Alright, are they gone? Because we are a tad crazy. But only in the good ways.

, About

Most of the time, we know what we're doing

We’re a team of around a dozen team members who are dedicated to making cool things. Whether those things are online or physical or are for startups or for Fortune 500s doesn’t really matter. The point is we do a lot of cool things, and you can learn about them here.

In the event that we don’t know what we’re doing, we partner with leading companies who do know what they’re doing and continue to make magic. Either way, we come up with lots of cool stuff.

We employ people, apparently

10 people, to be exact. But if you want to make it 11 then you can check out our careers page because we might be hiring. Our people are our secret sauce – it’s what makes Howdy tick like one of those trusty old grandfather clocks. You can meet them below, if you want. Or not. It’s your life.

Evan Cardimino

Director of Live Events out of Maine

Hannah Mase

Social Media Manager out of New York

Hari Govind

Systems Administrator out of India

Katie Koster

Illustrator out of Canada

Lewis Maccallum

Fullstack Engineer out of United Kingdom 

Louis Snyman

Legal Aide out of South Africa

Marek Kizer

UI/X Designer out of Indiana

Nathan Sykes

Founder out of Maine

Nolan Hall

Internal Operations out of Missouri

Shay Punter

Engineer out of United Kingdom