Trust and Safety

Your safety is our number one priority

Thank you for contacting our Trust and Safety site. The safety of our guests and clients is our number one priority, and this site is the only way to get trust and safety help for all Howdy Interactive owned companies, including:

  • Live events, like the Maine Student Film Festival and MINECentron
  • Games, like Stolendale and Severance
  • SaaS products, like EXPOAid
 Our response time is almost immediate for live events, and may take up to 2 hours for game and SaaS inquiries.

We have a critical response team on-site for live events, and a trust and safety specialist online at all times for games and SaaS projects. Use the form below to receive a callback from our trust and safety team.

Please select how you’d like to contact our Trust and Safety team:

Enter your phone number to receive a callback from our team. This hotline is operational 24/7/365.

You should only contact us by email to report less-pressing concerns, like cheating in-game or an open door at a live event. If you need immediate assistance, contact us by phone.